Traditional Sauerkraut

The Clever Classic Sauerkraut

Our raw supremo traditional sauerkraut will dance on your tongue. It’s got a real zing and a fresh, clean flavour. The long, fine shreds of cabbage are crunchy and tangy.

This one jar of Traditional Sauerkraut contains billions of beneficial bacteria. Just one teaspoon provides your body with 7 Million lactic acid bacteria Colony Forming Units. It’s so easy to get your daily dose of gut goodness.

We only use three ingredients to create our Traditional Sauerkraut: Australian cabbages, salt and Australian Certified Organic caraway seeds. No vinegar or preservatives.

To provide the best environment for lactic acid bacteria to thrive we employ the traditional process of fermentation. Which entails a no heating and lots of patience to get it just right for the live microbes to be happy.

Our traditional fermentation method is based on centuries old recipes Tania Wiesmayr-Freeman, Clinical Dietitian, Nutritionist and founder of The Fermentier, has embraced and refined. She has over 25 years experience in helping people eat better and improve their gut health.

For the best (we believe it is the best) Sauerkraut in Australia, buy from The Fermentier. We deliver chilled jars throughout south east Queensland. If you are buying from a retailer, Tania recommends looking in the fridge section.

Due to the fresh nature of our products we deliver to the Sunshine Coast region only at the moment. We’ll be expanding our delivery zones as soon as possible.

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  • Only 15 calories per serve
  • Good for the digestive system
  • Brimming with beneficial microbial properties
  • Not pasteurised and contains no fake cultures
  • Free of preservatives and chemicals
  • Vegan, gluten free and kosher
  • Made in Australia from 99% Australian ingredients


Give your sausage sizzle, burgers and sandwiches a little sparkle. Even throw on top a pizza and all of a suddenly its’ a healthy Friday night dinner. Honestly, sauerkraut is SOOO versatile – what a winner.


Fresh is best when it comes to Sauerkraut. Keep it refrigerated before and after the lid seal is broken. If you see sauerkraut for sale on a shelf that is not refrigerated then we advise you to avoid it like the plague - the beneficial bacterial is dead.


Available in 480g jar
Approximately 9 serves per jar
Packaging: recycled and recyclable glass jar and lid


Our Living Foods are available in cartons of six 480g jars.

*Minimum order is 6 x 480g jars.

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1 review for Traditional Sauerkraut

  1. Renee Weaver

    Sensational – fresh, crunchy and long stringy cuts. Yum!

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