Sparkling crisp apple kombucha with a fragrant and refreshing flavour.

Our Apple Kombucha is truly delicious ~ it’s a little effervescent and has a refreshing ‘zing’.

So low in calories it’s a total game changer for weight loss and a perfect alternative to alcohol.

You’re going to love the ingredients in our Apple Kombucha, it’s brewed with pure green tea and the juice of crisp Australian apples.

The Kombucha culture digests almost all the sugar and converts it into organic acids, enzymes, beneficial live microbes, minerals, vitamins B and C. Treat your insides to a daily dose of live cultures and enjoy a refreshing lift.

The recipe for The Fermentier Apple Kombucha drink was designed by Dietitian, Tania Wiesmayr-Freeman. Locally brewed on the Sunshine Coast we lab test every artisan made batch to ensure the highest quality drink hits your gut to disperse loads of healthy organisms.

We ensure our products are non-alcoholic according to Australian (FSANZ), State and Territory legislation. Our finely tuned recipes and testing processes ensure that our drinks stay alcohol free.

Due to the fresh nature of our products we deliver to the Sunshine Coast region only at the moment. We’ll be expanding our delivery zones as soon as possible.

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  • Only 34 Calories per serve
  • Beneficial enzymes, beneficial live microbes and antioxidants
  • May help gut health and improve digestion
  • No artificial sweeteners just a tiny bit of natural sugar
  • Magical microbial properties
  • Mildly carbonated but only a little
  • 100% vegan and gluten free
  • Made in Australia from 99% Australian ingredients


Apple Kombucha is very versatile, it especially shines with crushed ice, a few cloves and a dusting of cinnamon. Marie loves it with a French twist… simply pour into a large glass, add a teaspoon of raw honey and a dash of apple brandy (Calvados from Normandy in France is divine)…. Serve chilled accompanied by freshly dried apple slices.


The Fermentier Apple Kombucha should always be refrigerated with a tightly sealed lid.


Available in two sizes: 330mL or 750mL
Packaging: recylcable amber glass bottle & lid


Our living drinks are available in cartons of 12 for the 330mL or 6 for the 750mL. First, choose the flavour and then choose your preferred size: 330mL or 750mL bottles.

*Minimum order is 12 x 330mL bottles, 6 x 750mL bottles.

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1 review for APPLE KOMBUCHA

  1. Renee Weaver

    “I’m a new convert to Apple Kombucha – it’s delicious, better than mineral water and a great alternative to alcoholic drinks. I’m also happy to be drinking something that is good for my insides. Cheers around!”

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