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Best Fermented Foods For Gut Health

A pleasantly tart and distinctively acidic flavour characterises the best fermented foods for gut health.

The taste of our sauerkraut is lightly sour  no surprise after all it’s ‘sauer-kraut’! Whereas our kimchi has a bit of a spicy bite. Either way each has a delicious crunchy tangy taste sensation in every spoonful.

At The Fermentier our sauerkraut and kimchee is not pasteurised – that’s right, its totally RAW, thank you very much!
To give each flavour it’s uniqueness we choose fresh, locally farmed Australian garlic, turmeric, ginger and chilli. Because we love crunchy krauts and kimchi, our veggies are short fermented to give a fresh sharp flavour and are more acidic than some – so a little goes a long way.

Benefits of our whole living foods: 


+ 100% Raw
+ Full of beneficial microbial properties
+ Diverse range of gut bacteria
+ Wild fermentation process
+ Not pasteurised
+ Chemical and preservative free

Be careful! We’ve been told our sauerkraut and kimchi is addictive!



million lactic acid bacteria CFU’s per serve!

What is Gourmet Gut Health? 

Have you noticed everyone is talking about the ‘Pro’s of Probiotics’? Well, basically these provide gourmet gut health.

The gut needs good and bad bacteria but our modern lifestyle ensures we can get plenty of the bad stuff. Ingesting beneficial bacteria, found in our Sauerkraut and Kimchi can help redress the imbalance. Our Living Foods are bursting with beneficial bacteria that encourage good gut flora.

Give yourself and loved ones a taste of gourmet gut health with a tablespoon of raw sauerkraut and/or a serve of yoghurt with active live cultures. This is a great way to get a diverse range of and billions of good bacteria in one hit.
Having a variety of raw fermented foods will provide different colonies of good bacteria. So just like having different types of fruits and vegetables provides different health benefits, having a variety of fermented food like our Sauerkrauts and Kimchi is perfect. The full benefit of gut friendly bacteria is realised when consumed on a regular basis as part of a healthy diet.


Our ingredients.. 


We start with the freshest cabbages, from Australian farmers, this ensures they’re naturally sweet and juicy (the cabbages not the farmers!). We find it’s ideal for making the best brine in our wild fermenting process – which produces the CFU’s – Colony Forming Units of good bacteria that promote gut goodness.


More reasons to

good gut foods

1. Our Sauerkrauts and KimchI are RAW and made with a traditional recipe
2. We rely on a natural eco system of the cabbage micro organisms to ferment all by themselves. Clever, aren’t they!
3. We employ a dry salting process so our brine is pure veggie juice
5. We use certified organic vegetables when ever possible
6. All The Fermentier products have fresh ingredients sourced from Australian farmers.
7. Rest assured our krauts and Kimchi are , Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free and full of flavour!

Find Our
Sauerkrauts and Kimchi

The best fermented foods for gut health can be found at our wonderful suppliers. They are growing each week so be sure to check availability in your area regularly. You can order online if you don’t see a store near you.

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Just one a tablespoon of raw sauerkraut gives the body millions of diverse good bacteria.

Eat with…

So versatile and easy to eat sauerkraut and kimchi are two of the best fermented foods for gut health. Although not common in Australia (yet!), they are eaten all over the world with lots of different foods. Often served on burgers, in stews, top salads, with poached eggs and even tacos. It’s super easy to incorporate a little goodness from sauerkraut and kimchi in each day.


The Fermentier’s Process:

There’s no way we’ll reveal how the magic happens

however here’s a general overview

– We source all our vegetables and spices from local farmers
– We shred the cabbage add fresh spices, then massage the mixture and pound it to extract the brine.
– Then we stuff the mixture into large sterile vats and airlock them at room temperature.
– Under Tania’s watchful eye the magic happens until all the good microbes have done their work.
– We taste every batch and pack all that juicy goodness into glass jars ready for eating. 


People often ask us…

Where can I buy raw sauerkraut?

Right here! You can order online, we have three varieties of sauerkraut: Traditional, Garlic and Turmeric + Ginger. You can also find a list of our awesome stockists above.

What foods are good for gut microbiome?

Of course our sauerkraut is a thrill for anyones gut microbiome. But you might want to check out our Kimchi as well. It’s just as good for your tummy and has a spicy bite to it.

Best time to eat fermented foods?

Fermented foods can be eaten anytime.  Our stomach digests them easily and they can even help with digesting meals.

However, if you have not eating raw fermented foods before, it is best to start with a small amount once a day to allow your gut used to the new health hit.  A couple of teaspoons of kraut or kimchi at breakfast (on your eggs) or at lunch is a good time to start.  If you’re starting with Kombucha or Water Kefir start with 60mL once and then twice a day.That way you can be awake to know if you need to take it slow for a while.

How does sauerkraut taste compared with kimchi?

Kimchi is more spicy and has a distinctively more ‘pickle like’ taste. Our Kimchi is blended with ginger, garlic, Chinese radish, apple, onion, spring onions and chilli. Both dishes use fermented cabbage but kimchi is made with Wombok cabbage (Chinese Cabbage) and is flavoured totally differently. I’d say the level of spiciness of our Kimchi is 3 out of 5 – spicy but not extremely hot.

Other than sauerkraut and kimchi what foods have gut friendly bacteria?

Yoghurt with active live bacteria and then delicious drinks such as Kombucha, Water Kefir, Jun and Milk Kefir are good gut foods with beneficial living microbes.

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