Fermented Drinks For Gut Health

Our fantastic fermented drinks for gut health have no artificial sweeteners and are made with 100% live cultures to produce living beneficial microbes, organic acids polyphenols, antioxidants and active enzymes.

Finding a low sugar bevvy has never been more rewarding.

At The Fermentier, we only employ traditional brewing methods and cultures to create invigorating elixirs that give gut goodness. We choose certified Organic Fair Trade tea from a local Sunshine Coast tea business and this forms the base of our fermented drinks. To naturally flavour each brew we source local farm fresh ingredients. 

Nourish your gut and quench your thirst with one of our tongue tingling, flavoursome fermented non-alcoholic beverages.

Benefits of our fermented drinks: 


+ Live cultured beverages
+ We use the natural Scoby (The Mother of Kombucha), or Tibicos (The mother of water kefir)
+ No artificial sweetener and super low in natural sugar
+ Loaded with living microbes including lactobacillus and gluconacetobacter
+  Naturally beneficial bacteria – we don’t add anything

The brilliant alternative.



live fermented drink (Kombucha, Water Kefir or Jun) is a great way to get a diverse range and millions of good bacteria. 


The Sugar and The Buga

By the time our Kombucha, Pure Jun and Water Kefir leave the Fermentary, the small amount of raw sugar used initially, is transformed into organic acids. There’s virtually no sugar left – we lab test every batch to ensure we can stand by this.

We brew our beverages with a natural Scoby, this is The Mother of live cultures.
It looks a bit like a ‘buga’.  Don’t worry it’s NOT. Every little bit is loaded with living microbes, beneficial bacteria and short chain fatty acids that the gut gobbles with delight. Give the bottle a light shake and you won’t notice them.

The natural Scoby and a sweetener ~ we use raw sugar (absolutely no artificial sweetners here), are key starter ingredients – they are both required to make fantastic fermented drinks for gut health.  

Check the label – the sugar content left over is SO low. Oh and so are the calories!


More reasons to

our fermented drinks

1. Certified Organic Fair Trade tea

2. No artificial flavours or preservatives

3. 99% Australian Ingredients

4. Slightly fizzy not gassy

5. Slow fermentation process

6. Recipes by Dietitian & Nutritionist Tania Wiesmayr-Freeman APD

Find Our
Fermented Beverages

Getting the finest fermented drinks for gut health is easier each week with our growing list of suppliers.

We are located on the Sunshine Coast so you’ll find us in local food stores, cafes and deli’s. We are growing so look our for The Fermentier all round South East Queensland. You can order online which is ideal for regular consumption, private parties or events.

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We are also looking for new outlets to stock our products, If you would like to recommend a business, we are happy to follow up. 

Do yourself a favour and include one serve of our fermented non-alcoholic beverages every day.

Mocktails & Cocktails    

We love to celebrate and our healthy drinks are perfect for adding something special to your event. We have a two recipes for the more sophisticated palate from our French foodie!

Marie’s delicious ‘Kombucha Grape Mocktail’ and her naughty ‘Kombucha Tequila Cocktail’ recipes are in the ‘Questions we get…’ below.


The Fermentier’s Process:

There’s no way we will give away our secrets

Tania’s recipe is sacred around here.

But in short this is how we get the goodness in our beverages…

– We cook, strain, sweeten and cool pure tea
– Mix it with The Mother (scoby)
– Cover with natural breathable cotton cloth, send positive vibes
– The magic happens with fermenting at ambient temperature
– Under Tania’s close watch each batch is lab tested
–  Pure fruit flavours are blended
– A ‘second ferment’ occurs during transfer to amber glass bottles
– Chill and then they’re ready!


Questions we get…

Are fermented drinks non alcoholic?

At The Fermentier we are committed to ensuring our drinks remain non-alcoholic. We lab test every batch so you can be sure. Trace amounts of alcohol are produced during fermentation. Alcohol volumes in this product do not exceed those allowed under FSANZ, State and Territory based legislations.

What are the floaty bits?

Those floaty bits are from the Scoby and are precious – please drink them. They are totally natural. In fact fermented beverages that don’t have the floaty are unlikely to be using this valuable gut culture (it’s packed with living microbes, beneficial bacteria and short chain fatty acids).

How to make a grape mocktail?

You’ll need: Grape Kombucha, rose cordial, fresh mint, ice and rose buds (food grade not perfumed).

To make: Place a cup of ice into the blender with 2 tablespoons of rose cordial, add a handful of fresh mint leaves. Put the lid on and blend till the ice crushes. Pour into 4 cocktail glasses. Top up with The Fermentier Grape Kombucha. Pop in a dried rose bud and serve.

Got Kombucha Tequila Cocktail Recipe?

We sure do. You’ll need: Tequila (45mL), Triple sec (30mL) 200mL Lime and Ginger Kombucha, ice cubes, lime wedge to rim the glass and to garnish.

Optional: salt or sugar for rimming, fresh fruit or mint to garnish

To make: Wet the rim of the glass with lime wedge then dip or roll it in a saucer or salt or sugar. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. Strain and pour into the rimmed glass with or without fresh ice. Garnish with a lime wedge.

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